Benefits of Holy Quran

Quran, from its first word till the last is a Book that invariably gives the impact of a Divine Speech and word after word and page after page it unravels a sea of knowledge, enlightenment, morality, guidance and Serenity. Since its revelation, several miracles have taken place from it. Some of the renowned benefits one could receive from Quran are:
Being a religious scripture, Quran provokes the intention of understanding the surroundings and pondering over things in the reader. It is the direct addressing of Allah Almighty to the humans, thus it stands as a medium between Allah Almighty and the reader. Therefore, if a person wants to purify his or her soul and become closer to God, then reading Quran is the best and simplest way of doing so.
Quran has long been used as a medicine for gaining numerous health benefits by Muslims, and now science validates its affects also. Hazrat Abdul Malik bin Umair (RA) reports that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
“In Surah Fatiha there is a cure for all ailments.”
Other than Surah Fatiha, Surah Yaseen and Surah Rehman are the major Surahs used for attaining health benefits.
Every word of Quran is charming and elegant. However, when one learns to recite Quran the right way, then the reader instantly falls in love with Quran. The rhyme, the rhythm and the sound the verses produces when recited correctly is just elegantly splendid.
When kids are exposed to Quran they come under its influence and thus grow to be more responsible and virtuous individuals. Quran presents a complete code of life, thus when kids know about the principles of Quran they start implementing it early in their life leading to becoming a better Muslim.
Quran has been interpreted in many languages and by many scholars, which has also been a reason for huge controversies between Islam and other religions and for that matter even with in different sects of Islam, but again the miraculous book holds its unique persona in a way that the exact translation has not and cannot be modified by any means.

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